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Total Icon Count: 62

Fullmetal Alchemist
Final Fantasy


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[17-37] Stargate SG-1


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[1-2] Narnia
[3-13] Mulan
[14-22] Star Wars EU
[23-37] Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars
[38-56] Serenity

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I just realized it's been nearly a month since I posted icons here. o.o So, I dug out some Farscape bases I hadn't finished yet, gathered up my waiting Star Wars, and made a shiny new batch of LotR. Here they all are. :)

[1-12] Star Wars
[13-29] Farscape
[30-64] Lord of the Rings


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[1-11] Stargate SG-1
[12-45] Farscape
[46-58] Pirates of the Caribbean
[59-65] Beauty and the Beast
[2] Sam/Jack wallpapers


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More icons. Yay! There's a couple wallpapers here too. It's been a long time since I've done any, so I thought I might as well try my hand at 'em. Probably won't post to comms until tomorrow.

[1-11] Stargate SG-1
[12-45] Farscape
[46-58] Pirates of the Caribbean
[59-65] Beauty and the Beast


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[17] Star Wars (EU)
[52] Stargate SG-1
[9] Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars


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It's finally snowing here. *shivers* So, while I'm thrilled to have a white Christmas, the roads are a mess, and it's cold, and...cold. *hugs blanket tighter* I had to work tonight, and we really didn't make many pizzas. Seems no one wanted to come out in the cold to pick them up. Oh well. I got to come home early-ish. ^_^

Anywho. Icons. :) I'm still experimenting, so some of them may look a tad wonko. I dunno. It's probably just me.

[-]1-77 Stargate SG-1 (Entity)
[-]78-91 Star Wars
[-]92-105 Farscape


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*cough* Okay, I know I said I would be posting or even MAKING anymore icons while Nanowrimo was in progress. But, I had to make some LotR icons, and then I remembered I'd been meaning to post some icons that had been sitting around on my hard drive FOREVER. So, there's some SG-1 and Farscape along with a few Narnia icons which I made sometime last week.

{~}22 Return of the King
{~}5 Daniel/Vala
{~}13 Narnia, mostly Aslan
{~}20 Farscape


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Whew. More icons. I seem to be on a simple icon spree, mostly sticking with cropping and curves, maybe even a little text here and there. Anyway. Hope you like these, in spite of their simplicity.

[-]32 Farscape (1x03 and 1x04)
[-]18 Lord of the Rings (mostly FotR)


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Yep, finally finished another batch of icons. I made a ton of really simple Farscape icons this morning, so I thought I'd go ahead and just post them so they didn't set around forever to be forgotten.

[-]18 Farscape
All but one are from either 1x01 or 1x02.

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[-]11 Farscape {with variations}
[-]15 Chronicles of Narnia {with variations}

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Well, I seem to be on an angsty fic spree lately... Here's a missing scene/POV fic from Farscape 'Infinite Possibilities: Icarus Abides'. Most of it's John's POV during the talk with Aeryn before he takes the module up to destroy the Scarran ship, and then I added a teeny tiny missing scene at the end of the fic.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] so_out_of_ideas for the beta!

Title: Never Say Goodbye
Author: Stargatefangurl
Fandom: Farscape
Warnings: None
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst
Summary: I'm dying, my life slowly slipping away like sand through my fingers...

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Well, here's my newest batch of icons. All of them were made with GIMP (oy!) so they're kinda... *sigh*

Anyway, here they are. One Sam/Jack avatar with several variations and the rest are Farscape with variations.

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Recently finished a bunch of Farscape icons (although a few are variations) and since it'll probably be a little while before I make any more, I thought I'd post the ones I have.... Resources are in my user info.

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Just finished up a bunch of new avatars...

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Stargate, Farscape, Star Wars and...other!


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11 new avatars; 5 Star Wars, 3 SG-1, and 3 Farscape. I've been working on some new techniques, which you can see in the Star Wars avatars. Hope you like 'em. :)


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Just finished up four new icons. One Stargate one, two Star Wars ones and a Farscape icon.

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