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Well, I finally got to see the new Narnia movie. *runs around cheering* Mom and Dad went shopping Saturday and surprised Jase and I with the DVD. I think Mom may have liked it a bit too...although she complained about the mythological creatures.... *sigh*

In other news, I've decided Jason may need glasses. We went for a walk last night, and I saw these really big birds sitting on a power pole. I pointed them out to Jason, and after a while, he finally sees them, and they're right over our heads! He says, "Oh, yeah, pigeons...we have them all over the place down here."


I tell him they are NOT pigeons, but he keeps arguing until one of the birds takes of and screeches at us. It was definately a hawk. I don't think I'm ever going to let him live that one down... *cracks up*
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Wow...what a weekend...

Jason and I helped a recording company (Royal Crown) run the cameras during 6 meetings in the past three days. It was fun, but very tiring. The muscles in my back are stiff and sore from where I was so tense while I was on one of the cameras. It was really cool, though. I got to learn a lot about what goes during filming like that.

The meetings were awesome too. I saw some friends I hadn't seen for over a year, and I made a few new ones. I think they're all heading for home today, so I probably won't see them for several months again.

We didn't get home until nearly 3AM last night...then I slept until 11:30 this morning. Now I don't really feel like doing anything, but Mom wants me to help her cook a big lunch....
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Well, our 15 year old cat, Timmy, died last night. We've known he was going for a couple days now.... *sad sigh*
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Well, I sort of started a new story today. It's actually an idea I had for a slightly different story, actually several different stories, that I'm trying again. Hopefully it will work this time. So, anyway, I was on a roll and wrote 400 words in a little over an hour...now I'm stuck. Again. Grr.... It's partly due to stupid inspiration draining MMORPGs, which I really need to stop playing. *sigh*
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Woke up this morning after watching Star Wars until midnight (*big grin*) and was actually feeling pretty good. Then...MIGRANE! So, after spending all day watching stupid movies (no, no more Star Wars)...I am very...very bored. Unfortunately, I really do not feel like doing anything. *sigh*

Anyway.... I wrote another poem yesterday. Not happy with the title...it's lacking something methinks...

Pay no attention to the man behind the mirror )

In other news.... After a weeks worth of anticipation, I missed the frelling opening ceremony of the Olympics last night. Grr...

Anyway, to all my friends and fellow Typoteers... *waves* Miss you guys...
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